Staff at Abbey View enjoy the supportive relationships it has with its students and their families.
As a team we are immensely proud of the role we play in helping our students develop and helping them prepare for the next stages in their lives.
The positive impact it has on their families is an additional motivator for us.
This page has been created to help show parents of students who are starting at Abbey View what they can expect

Dear Daniel

We would both like to thank you and your team for the outstanding care and support you have provided for XXX (and ourselves) over the last 16 months.

Abbey View has helped XXX feel valued and understood in a way she did not experience at her previous secondary school.  Despite some of the difficulties she has encountered in her time at Abbey View, she has always been encouraged to move forward and learn from events, rather than get caught in a downward spiral which was her earlier experience.  She may not always show her appreciation, but during conversations at home she regularly says that despite things previously going wrong for her in school, she doesn't regret these things because she is pleased she ended up at Abbey View.  She has benefited immensely from being in such a safe and supportive environment and is has been reassuring for us that she has been in the care of Abbey View

Your individual one to one support of XXX has been significant in her development and we are profoundly grateful for the positive impact your relationship with her has had.  You have also provided a valuable listening ear for us as parents and helped us navigate some very emotional and difficult situations

Thank you again to you and your team for your commitment and dedication towards XXX

Best regards

XXX and XXX (Summer 2020)



Abbey view is a fantastic school, XXX  really enjoyed it I noticed his attitude and personality change within the first week, the staff are very patient and listened when he had a problem I don’t think he would have finished school if he hadn’t come to abbey view, thank you for getting him through school and ready for his future in the army.  (Summer 2020)



Good Morning Daniel,

I wish to give feedback on our experience with all of you at Abbey View

When I was first told that my son xxx would be moving to your school I was in no doubt horrified, I worried that he would be either easily lead into something awful happening or something awful happening to him. 

I knew that xxx wasn’t the ‘bad’ child that xxx had made out that he was and that throughout his life I had battled for xxx to receive the best possible education that he could due to him learning differently and being different to his peers. 

My worries continued as xxx has been held back a year due to his lack of understanding, reading and writing skills. 

xxx is a literal person and takes things to heart easily, this in turn knocks his confidence and self esteem, this also has lead to xxx self harming in the past.

As you can see with all of these factors, I was extremely worried about how xxx would manage at Abbey View.

I remember the first day of dropping xxx off with Daniel, I remember crying all the way home, wondering how he was going to be !! 

By the end of that first term xxx had settled into his new school life, no longer did I have to fight every morning to get him out of bed, he was up and ready to go, only moaning if his taxi wasn’t on time !!

xxx has been at Abbey View for around 18 months, give or take a month or two.

This has been the most amazing time to watch xxx grow into the fine young man he has become, Abbey View really has turned xxx’s life around. Daniel and his amazing staff really do not know how grateful we are to them as words will never explain our gratitude to them.

They have turned xxx from a low confidence, low self esteem, world hating Child that to be honest I thought on many occasions that i was going to find permanently sleeping into a fine young man, that looks forward to what the day ahead holds, how to learn that not all aspects of education are difficult and that he can learn and hopefully get the GCSE’s that he needs to go to college. 

As his parents we never thought xxx would be capable of getting any GCSE’s due to him becoming overwhelmed by the pressure of the exams as in past experiences I.e. SATs weeks, mock test papers but Abbey View learnt how xxx learns and they adapted their teaching methods to his learning, something that none of his past schools have done. 

xxx did not support xxx in his different learning methods and therefore he became the ‘bad boy’ that fouled around in class because he didn’t understand what was expected of him and the work became increasingly more difficult, so he became the “class clown” as he was explained to me, with his immature behaviour. He would not ask for help as he didn’t want to be classed as stupid!! 

xxx has learnt more in his time at Abbey View than he did whilst attending xxx for 3 and half years.

My only wish is that xxx had attended Abbey View for the whole of his secondary school life because he would of enjoyed school so much more. 

We thank Abbey View for all that they have done for xxx and for giving us the young man that we knew he could be, for showing him that education is enjoyable and that he can be objective, he can have an opinion and won’t be told off for it, that it is good to have debates and know when to walk away when things become overwhelming. 

Thank you for taking the time to get to know xxx as a person rather than judging him on the poor report you had from xxx, xxx is a good lad, when given the opportunities to be to show what he is good at.

Thank you once again Daniel and your fantastic team, long may you continue to change children’s lives for the better.

Kindest regards 

The xxx family. (Summer 2020)




Our experience with Abbey View School has been so positive.  My son wasn’t coping in a mainstream school environment, yet when he transferred to Abbey View his interest and confidence returned.

Abbey View has helped my son immensely with his education, and at the same time all the staff showing such care, compassion, patience and commitment to him.  I really do believe this has put him back on track for his next step which is Sixth Form.  I cannot thank Daniel Hartley, the Principal, and his team enough for their efforts.

xxx  (Summer 2020)



Hi Daniel,

Firstly, thank you so much for the professionalism and care you your staff have showed over the last year xxx has been at Abbey View. I have seen xxx become more confident to be himself, but also more reflective about his difficulties, and how he can get help for these.

A couple of points for feedback. I am happy for you to share this email with your governors and staff.

When Abbey View was first suggested by xxx we were very reticent, but after reading your ‘what is an APS’ on your website, and meeting with yourself,  I knew you understood the difficulties xxx was having. Your belief in xxx, and the non-judgemental fresh start you have given him (many times) has helped him grow, and given him hope.

The times we have spoken on the phone about xxx have also been really useful. I always felt you had his best interest at heart, whereas our experience before Abbey View was that it felt that it was always about what was best for the school.

Thanks you for all you’ve done keeping in touch, and inviting xxx into school during the COVID closure. You are doing an amazing job, and I wish there were more people like you in Education.

xxx  (Summer 2020)



Dear Dan,

xxx had a few issues when starting AV after a few weeks of unsettled behaviour he did then start to settle in.  xxx had been having a very negative time at school previous to joining AV and was very angry with everyone and he felt that no school wanted him but in the few months xxx attended AV his confidence started to come back and his behaviour improved dramatically.  This is very much due to staff at AV willing to give him their time to understand him, praise him (instead of constant negative comments) and helped him to believe in himself again.  xxx was enjoying his schooling with you and was getting on so well, the comments we received from his teachers at parents evening were fantastic and we only wish he had started with you at an earlier date.  We  would like to thank all the staff for the help and support that you gave to xxx it was always very much appreciated.

Best Regards

xxx and xxx  (Summer 2020)



My daughter struggled and hated school (xxx) and it was a battle ever day to get her there . when finally she got into abbey view all of this changed. she became a different person, she loved school and all of the teachers in it . abbey view helped her grow and evolve and take a more serious attitude to schooling . for this i will be eternally grateful to abbey view, for helping and supporting my daughter and in turn , making our home life a nicer place .

Again many thanks xxx  (Summer 2020)



I would just like to say a huge Thank You to all the staff at Abbey View, for all your support the school has provided for our family, by being supportive in xxx personal needs, I had realized a when xxx was younger that got distracted very easily and found it hard with a lot around him to concentrate and would of loved xxx to attend abbey view sooner, as I feel he would of had the results in as expected, unfortunately xxx only attended the school for 2 years, which made a huge positive impact on his home life as well as school, as I finally had someone to talk to him other than me and back my word up. The school made a big impact on all of our family! The texts were great reminders as school things can be overwhelming sometimes for me and I'd receive a text from you to remind us, dates of breaking up and times etc.. a simple thing can really be so helpful! I would especially like to Thank Dan and Claire as you guys stand out to me, and I know that's the same for xxx, he had so much respect for you both, when I asked xx apart from these two members, who stood out he said 'he liked all members of staff as they were all so different in there own way' which for me is very positive!  Huge Respect to what you have done in this town Dan and the rest of the staff, I know and have seen its helped other children that I know massively and more than likely saving lives in supporting them helping stopping them going down the wrong paths or slipping of the right one, etc... for lots of different reasons, I think you are all so special and do an Amazing job.

Thank you all!  (Summer 2020)